Is Organic Ice Cream Really Better For You?

There are a number of ways organic ice cream can be better for you than conventional ice cream.

There are a number of ways organic ice cream can be better for you than conventional ice cream. The difference between organic and conventional dairy is in the treatment of the livestock and the use of antibiotics and hormones. With conventional ice cream, the ingredients don’t have to ascribe to specific standards the way organic products do. Cows producing conventional milk may not receive as much pasture time, and they may be treated with antibiotics or rBST.

Organic cattle, on the other hand, are not given antibiotics or hormones for either growth or reproduction, which makes raising and breeding them more of a challenge, but it also means the cows are healthy in their own right and living according to their own natural rhythm and cycle. Organic cows are on pasture at least 120 days out of the year (30% of their total feeding time), with some organic dairies choosing to give their cattle even more time out on pasture. This results in cows that are able to naturally do what they do best — forage and roam — and you can taste the difference in the milk, particularly when the grass they have access to is deep-rooted and nutrient-rich.


Likewise, organic ice cream meets a number of stipulations in order to be properly deemed “organic.” The cream and milk must come from cows that meet the aforementioned standards, of course, but beyond that, the other ingredients are mostly organic as well. You can expect to recognize the names of the ingredients, whether it’s organic vanilla bean, organic coffee, or organic sugar cane. Even the stabilizers and emulsifiers, which help ice cream stay smooth and creamy, can come from organic sources, so it’s not uncommon to see organic guar gum and the like.


In our opinion, you can absolutely taste the difference when you choose organic. Organic milk and cream offers a rich, creamy taste, which translates wonderfully to ice cream. Better yet, we believe that everyone should be able to afford organic, so we’ve worked hard to craft a product that is both high quality and affordable. Of course, all sweet treats should be enjoyed in moderation, but knowing that your ice cream comes from quality sources and lists ingredients you can recognize makes the experience that much sweeter.