What is Organic Ice Cream?

Organic ice cream is made with USDA certified organic milk, cream, and ingredients that aren’t treated with synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.

When you check the label, you should see the term “organic” next to each ingredient to be sure you’re getting a completely organic ice cream. Even the stabilizers, like guar gum, should come from organic sources.  (However, some ingredients, like water and salt, cannot be certified as organic, and that’s why you’ll never see the word “organic” next to them.)

Beyond that, it’s all about knowing where your ice cream comes from. By definition, organic ice cream is made with organic milk from cows that obtain at least 30% of their diet from pasture.  However, if you want a brand that goes beyond the typical organic standard, give Humboldt Creamery a try. Cows in temperate climates, like Humboldt County, have plenty of opportunity to graze and roam year-round, and our cows do. By allowing them more time out on pasture, we’re giving them even more time to take in the clean ocean air and graze on the deep-rooted, nutrient-rich grass. In our opinion, that’s a difference you can taste in the richness of our milk and cream.

Choosing organic ice cream means you see exactly what you’re getting. When you look at the ingredients on the label, they’re straightforward and easy to understand. Many organic brands choose to use organic cane sugar rather than other sugar substitutes, which results in an all-around better flavor that’s also free of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

It’s normal to find stabilizers, binders, and emulsifiers that improve the texture and taste of the ice cream. It’s easy to be intimidated by ingredients like guar gum, but this is an organic ingredient that helps the ice cream stay smooth and creamy and accounts for a very small part of the recipe.

If you have any other questions about Humboldt Creamery Organic Ice Cream, we’re happy to answer.