Naturally Pink Valentines Milk

No chemicals here! Color your kids’ milk naturally with beet juice to create a beautiful and completely natural pink milk for Valentines day.

Serves: 2


2 cups Humboldt Creamery Organic Whole Milk
1/2 tsp beet juice (from pre-cooked beets; either purchased or homemade)


  1. Add ¼ tsp of beet juice to the bottom of 2 drinking glasses.
  2. Pour milk into glasses. Add more milk or more beet juice until you reach your perfect shade of pink!


Notes on Beet Juice:
For this recipe, you can either purchase pre-cooked packaged beets or roast your own beets. If you use purchased beets, you can buy them either freshly packaged or from a can. Be sure to get fresh cut beets, not pickled beets. If you would like to roast your own beets, you can use this recipe for a step by step. Use the juice for this recipe and toss the beets into a fresh arugula & goat cheese salad.