Core Value
Cows are Meant to Graze

At Humboldt Creamery, we have been creating wholesome, delicious, organic dairy products for over 85 years.
And Humboldt County provides an exceptional home to our cows.

The grass is greener

Cows are ruminants, designed to eat grass, so they’re happiest when they’re walking and foraging. Our temperate climate, frequent fog, and low water table keep our pastures lush and green year-round, which means great grazing and outdoor exercise for our cows 12 months out of the year.

A great environment, naturally

In our corner of the world, on the edge of the Northern California coast, the temperature varies only about 12 degrees from winter to summer. This means our cows are comfortable in their thick coats all year long. And our fresh ocean breezes create some of the finest air quality around.

Supercharged soil

Repeated flooding from the rivers in the area and run-off from the coastal mountains deposit minerals, mulch, clay, and silt into the soil, creating the ideal environment for growing grasses. Our farmers support this rich, fertile soil through careful pasture management, working with the biology of the soil and adding organic compost to replace nutrients that are taken out. Pastures aren’t tilled, so the grass can develop long roots and deliver nutrients from deep within the soil. This respect for the natural environment contributes to super-nutritious pastures, healthy cows, and quality you can taste.

Working with nature

We believe that we can achieve the highest quality when we work with nature rather than against it, and support our cows’ natural habits and behaviors. Because cows are meant to graze, an open pasture is their favorite place to be, and our smaller-than-average herd sizes give our cows lots of room to roam — about four cows per acre! This environment, and the care of our dairy families, create an idyllic lifestyle for our cows that enables them to produce great-tasting milk.

A heritage of quality and innovation

Settlers in the 19th century recognized Humboldt County’s unique suitability for dairy farming. By 1890, there were eleven separate creameries operating in the Ferndale area. The home of Humboldt Creamery, Ferndale was so well-known for its quality butter that it was called “Cream City.” Dairies in the area produced many innovations that revolutionized the industry, including the first butter-wrapping and cutting machines, the first milk tank truck, the first cooperative creameries, and the development of the Gray-Jensen dry milk process. That heritage of quality and innovation is alive in everything we do today.