Is Organic Dairy Good For You?

Just like conventional milk, organic dairy is very good for you as part of a healthy balanced diet, and even provides some signature benefits.

When you drink organic milk, you can rest assured that you’re getting milk that’s free of antibiotics and rBST, as well as milk that comes from cows that spend a significant portion of every year grazing in open pastures. Here at Humboldt Creamery, we take it a step further and make sure our cows get even more time out on pasture than the required 30% (120 days) of the year. Living in a beautifully temperate coastal climate helps make that possible!

There’s always a lot of debate around whether organic dairy is better for you than conventional milk, and these are the facts: organic milk is free of both added growth and reproductive hormones, as well as antibiotics, and the dairy cows enjoy time outdoors to graze on organic grass. All of the food organic cattle eat is organic as well, which means it’s not treated with synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. None of those elements will end up in organic milk.

A variety of studies have concluded that organic dairy is a better source of omega-3 fatty acids than conventional milk, and have lower incidences of omega-6 acids. For reference, omega-3 is considered a “healthy fat” and has links to the reduction of heart disease, as well as improved brain development. Omega-6 is also an essential fatty acid that should be eaten in moderation, but too much can pose health risks, including negating the effects of some medications, or exacerbating health conditions like arthritis or diabetes. Too much omega-6 without enough omega-3 can create a number of negative effects, so it’s a good idea to monitor your intake and consult your doctor if you’re concerned.

So, is organic dairy good for you? Absolutely! It offers all the same benefits as conventional milk, plus quite a few bonus benefits. Dairy is an excellent addition to any balanced diet.