Humboldt Creamery releases its take on traditional eggnog

Fresh on the shelves of Whole Foods Market in Northern and Southern California

Humboldt Creamery Logo

As demand grows for organic and GMO free products, North Coast’s Humboldt Creamery is releasing their version of eggnog for the 2015 holiday season. Available now in the dairy case at Whole Foods Markets across California, it will become a staple on holiday tables.

Humboldt Creamery’s delicious eggnog is certified organic, just like the rest of their product line. Many other eggnogs contain carrageenan, but Humboldt Creamery does not use this stabilizer. It is a classic blend of Humboldt’s high quality milk and cream along with eggs, sugar and ground nutmeg – all of which is organic.

The newly designed quart-sized carton reflects the warmth of the holiday season. Humboldt Creamery is committed to helping the communities where they live, farm and work, and will donate a portion of all eggnog sales to United Way.

With this new addition to their product line, Humboldt Creamery is continuing to build upon its long and proud history. Their deep connection to community, long-term relationships with dairy families and best-in-class manufacturing capabilities ensure a continued commitment to delivering high quality dairy products.


About Humboldt Creamery

Founded in 1929 and owned by the Foster family since 2009, Humboldt Creamery, based in Fortuna, California, produces a variety of premium organic dairy products with milk sourced from a select group of farmers in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties. Humboldt Creamery’s high-quality, premium dairy products include fluid milk, ice cream, butter, cottage cheese and sour cream. Organic certification ensures that every item produced by Humboldt Creamery is from cows that have grazed on organic pastures free of pesticides, have not been treated with hormones or antibiotics, and are fed from non-GMO feed sources. The company’s website is