Food Bloggers Visit Humboldt Creamery

We were joined by five California food bloggers for a fun and educational day

Visit to Organic Dairy Farm

The day began as the fog was still clearing off the hills surrounding Loleta, California. The five bloggers joined Mike Callihan, our plant manager, who began explaining the relationship between Humboldt Creamery and Jim O’Neil’s organic dairy farm. Since 1983, Jim has been a dairy farmer, with a commitment over time to produce milk in an organic environment. It was an eye opening experience for the bloggers, who had never been to a dairy farm before.

Next up, it was time to visit the plant to see how his cows’ milk turns into our organic products. The visit began with a trip to the lab, this is where products are tested and developed before moving through to the packaging stage. The plant has a lot of moving parts, and the bloggers were treated to an in depth tour of all that happens behind the scenes. We topped the day off with samples of some products that will be hitting shelves soon!

All in all it was a great day and wonderful to share Humboldt Creamery with some people that really know their food. To learn more about them and read their blogs, check out the links below.

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