Congressman Jared Huffman visits Humboldt Creamery

The Congressman joins the team to discuss important issues over ice cream

Congressman Huffman Humboldt Creamery

Humboldt Creamery was proud to host Congressman Jared Huffman last Friday for a tour and discussion about important issues. The Congressman was paying a visit to local businesses and students in the area. After the tour the conversation continued in the best way possible – over scoops of our new organic ice cream.

“Coming here and meeting with them about what they do gives me a better sense of what one very successful small business in my district does and how I may want to keep that in mind as I go back to Washington next week and do my job.“ Congressman Huffman said after his visit.

His commitment to supporting the community and small businesses is refreshing and encouraging. We appreciate the time he took to learn about the issues that impact us and the dairy industry as a whole.

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