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Is Organic Ice Cream Really Better For You?

There are a number of ways organic ice cream can be better for you than conventional ice cream. The difference between organic and conventional dairy is in the treatment of the livestock and the use of antibiotics and hormones. With conventional ice cream, the ingredients don’t have to ascribe to specific standards the way organic products do. Cows producing conventional milk may not receive as much pasture time, and they may be treated with antibiotics or rBST.

Is Organic Dairy Good For You?

Just like conventional milk, organic dairy is very good for you as part of a healthy balanced diet, and even provides some signature benefits. When you drink organic milk, you can rest assured that you’re getting milk that’s free of antibiotics and rBST, as well as milk that comes from cows that spend a significant portion of every year grazing in open pastures. Here at Humboldt Creamery, we take it a step further and make sure our cows get even more time out on pasture than the required 30% (120 days) of the year. Living in a beautifully temperate coastal climate helps make that possible!

What is Organic Ice Cream?

Organic ice cream is made with USDA certified organic milk, cream, and ingredients that aren’t treated with synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. When you check the label, you should see the term “organic” next to each ingredient to be sure you’re getting a completely organic ice cream. Even the stabilizers, like guar gum, should come from organic sources.  (However, some ingredients, like water and salt, cannot be certified as organic, and that’s why you’ll never see the word “organic” next to them.)

What Is Organic Milk?

Organic milk differs from conventional milk in three specific ways: it must come from cows that aren’t treated with antibiotics, it must come from cows that are not given any hormones for growth or reproduction, and it must come from cows that receive at least 30% of their diet from pasture. That 30% comes out to 120 days out of the year.

KCRA Kitchen: Caramel Flan

If you’ve got a flan craving, but have no idea where to start, Chef Laura Kenny has you covered. Here’s an easy-to-follow recipe made with wholesome organic ingredients that will leave you (and any dinner guests you may have) smiling long after dessert.

Earth Day Desserts for Anytime

Looking for tasty treats to dish out for the next Earth Day, or just because you’re feeling the love for our planet? Chef Laura Kenny created some delicious earthy desserts that will please your taste buds and your wallet.

Healthy Farm-to-Fork Meal Ideas

In case you missed it on television, Humboldt’s own Chef Laura Kenny whipped up some fantastically delicious (and fantastically healthy) recipes using Humboldt Creamery dairy products.

Organic Ice Cream

Humboldt Creamery in Walmart

Our organic ice cream is now available in over 3000 Walmart locations across the country

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Tracy from the blog Shutterbean created something pretty amazing with our organic coffee ice cream

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Just in time for the holidays

Humboldt Creamery announces expanded distribution at Whole Foods Market throughout Northern and Southern California