6 Ways to Use Organic Ice Cream

Is there anything better than a big bowl of your favorite organic ice cream? We don’t think so, either.

Scoop It and Berry It

Virtually every one of our organic ice cream flavors is perfect all by itself scooped into a bowl, but you can add an extra zing by topping it with your favorite fresh or dried organic berries. If you want to get really fancy, simmer those berries with a little sugar, spice, and water to make your very own sauce.


Shake It

Everyone loves a classic milkshake! Whipping one up is so easy, and delving into a thick, creamy shake is the stuff dreams are made of. Get out your trusty blender and start with a base of five scoops of ice cream and one cup of organic milk. Be careful not to use too much milk or it’ll get too runny! From there, the sky’s the limit for add-ons. A teaspoon of extract, a dash of cinnamon, a handful of cherries, a chunk of chocolate, a spoonful of peanut butter… or even a shot of bourbon if that’s your style! Blend until smooth and enjoy.


Sandwich It

Ice cream sandwiches are an ultra special treat, so you want to use good ice cream when you make your own. Whip up a batch of your favorite cookies — make them nice and big — and let them cool completely. In the meantime, line a pan with parchment paper and press softened ice cream into it, then pop it back in the freezer. Once it’s reset, trim out “slices” of ice cream to fit your cookies, make a sandwich, and serve immediately! Or wrap them individually and stick them in the freezer for later. Yum!


Cake It

Why not go a step further and make an ice cream CAKE? Follow the same method you’d use for sandwiches, but this time, make cake, cut it into layers, and set the ice cream in between. Make sure you use the same size pan for all the components. Now you can frost it or top it with your favorite flavors!


Float It

There’s something special about a root beer float. Get the best quality root beer you can find, drop in a scoop or two of vanilla organic ice cream, and enjoy! If you want to make an adult version, try a stout beer.


Sundae It

Really treat yourself to something special by scooping out your favorite flavor and loading it up with all the toppings your heart desires – fruit, sauce, candies, nuts, whipped cream, or even pretzels!


This is hardly an exhaustive list, but we figured we’d leave some room for imagination. Organic ice cream can be enjoyed in so many ways! Do you have a favorite ice cream treat we didn’t mention here? Please share!